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If the suit guessed by a player appears, he automatically wins 3 times his bet amount. Once the dealer places 2 cards on each part of the table, the points are calculated to determine the value of each hand. If your hand’s value is a two-digit number, only the second-digit is counted. This biggest difference is that we are looking at a Banker vs. Player scenario. Only 2 hands are dealt, regardless of the number of players participating. The player is NOT limited to the player’s hand and it doesn’t promise you victory.

It is played with just one deck of cards, which also makes it a great game to play at home with family and friends. It is worth noting that if the first card drawn in black, the dealer starts dealing on the left side, and when the first card is red, the dealer starts on the right. The game is played with a single deck of cards, which is initially cut by the dealer, revealing an open card to the player. The player must then decide whether a card of the same value as the open card will appear on the left or right side of the table. The dealer subsequently begins dealing the remaining deck on the left and right side of the table until a card of the same value as the open card appears. If the player has guessed right, and the card falls on the side he has chosen, he wins, whereas he loses in cases the card falls on the opposite side.

  • The game offers a 50/50 chance of winning and is so simple that it doesn’t require any strategy.
  • takes no responsibility for actions performed by it’s users outside of or on the sites of any of it’s advertised partners.
  • You only normally need a deck of cards with no added complications of gaming tables, wheels or chips.
  • This means it’s impossible to know whether the matching card will land on Andar or Bahar, the same is also true of the side bets.

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How To Play Andar Bahar Online

The primary concern for any gambling enthusiast is payment. Other times, the current conversion and payment methods can seem quite daunting. Thankfully, most Indian online casinos resort to Rupee as their primary currency which saves you from the hassle of conversion. Most of these websites also have quite a wide range of payment options to fit your needs. For the rest of your monetary concerns, we’ve got your back. One of the best things about playing casino games is that most casinos offer a “free play” mode with most of their games.

Where To Play Andar Bahar Online is an information only site and we will not ask you for money. Our information is just for fun and are not a form of gambling and we do not guarantee the accuracy of the information available on our site. takes no responsibility for actions performed by it’s users outside of or on the sites of any of it’s advertised partners.

online andar bahar

We handpick each casino website, taking all the necessary elements into consideration. Indians have been engaging in online gambling on a larger scale than ever before. They enjoy casino games online on websites all around the world. Portability – Online and live casinos bring the comfort of playing Andar Bahar to a player’s home. However, their benefits are diminished if a player cannot play his favorite game while commuting, at work, in bed, or anywhere else they want. Andar – Andar refers to one of the boxes on the table where cards are placed after being drawn from the deck.


When the betting time ends, the dealer starts drawing cards one by one and placing them in the Andar and Bahar boxes alternatively. By standard, if the first card drawn belongs to the black suit, the dealer starts dealing from the Andar box. Alternatively, if the first card to turn up is from the red suit, dealing starts from the Bahar box.

Remember too to set yourself a budget before you start playing for real money. The game is very straightforward and doesn’t require any strategy – this is one of the many reasons why it is so well-liked in India. Then players place their bets on either Andar or Bahar as the winning side to equal the card in the middle.

The dealer will draw a card from the middle and place it on the table. He will then start to deal with the cards facing up until he deals with a card that equals the number on the middle card. The winning side is the one that gets the card with an equal number first, signaling the end of the round.

You just scroll the games section and play Andar Bahar on the go. One of the ways you can get acquainted with the gameplay is by practicing it free before you place your wager on it. All you need is to visit an Andar Bahar casino that offers a demo mode and try it free. With the free mode, you can try various strategies and bet amounts and see the outcome without risking a coin while at it. Many platforms have more than one variant in the table section.

Odd/Even – Player bets on either odd or even, making a guess whether a specific card will be odd or even. Unlike Teen Patti, Andar Bahar winnings depend primarily on good luck. There are no special strategies or tactics that can make you more successful. You can play Ezugi’s Live Andar Bahar at LeoVegas casino by clicking on the link below. These questions are to let you know what to look for when you want to get started. For instance, if you are looking for entertainment, you can decide to play the Andar Bahar game for free. One of our favourites is Betway but feel free to choose from our full list of Indian bookmakers.

Andar Bahar: An Indian Classic Card Game

To do this, go to an online casino, create an account, deposit, and start to place bets on Andar Bahar. The main goal of the game is to predict which of the sides will get a selected card. Read on to learn more about the best Andar Bahar games played at live dealer tables and casinos that offer these interesting variants. If you are searching for somewhere to play Andar Bahar for real money, then you can browse our list for the best Indian options like Jeetwin or Bodog. Always ensure that you are playing at a safe, regulated online casino. You can check out the welcome bonuses and regular promotions that are offered too. These can go a long way towards extending your playing time and improving your overall chances of winning.

online andar bahar

You are only a couple of clicks away from the best Andar Bahar live casinos out there. The game starts with the dealer cutting a card and showing it to the player. Now, the player places a bet on the left side called Andar or the right side called Bahar. With this bet, the player tries to predict if a card of the same rank will appear on one of the sides. When the first card the dealer draws is black, it will be dealt to Andar and if it is in the hearts or diamonds suite, it is dealt to Bahar.

Andar Bahar is a traditional Indian betting game which originated in Bangalore many centuries ago. It is a very simple 50/50 game that involves the use of a single pack of cards.

Finally, players should bet conservatively to reduce potential losses and remember in the back of their head that they’re playing for fun. If the winning card is placed in the box where the first card was dealt, the player gets a payout of 90%. On the other hand, if the winning card is placed in the box other than the one in which the first card was dealt, then, a payout of 100% is handed to the player. A table below depicts all the possible scenarios in a game of online Andar Bahar. 10cric casino has the largest selection of Andar Bahar games on this list, with seven on offer.

What Is Andar Bahar?

Here, the dealer is in charge of the bank and the dealing of cards. The bulk of the work is on the dealer and it is important to know that the players at the Andar Bahar table only have to place bets. Players can either try the online casino Andar Bahar or live dealer version of the game. When you opt for the online version, cards are issued by a Random Number Generator that ensures randomness and fairness. Hover, if you pick the live casino version, cards are dealt by a real human dealer. Any of the versions in the table games sections can also be played as live dealer Andar Bahar.

What Is main Card Or game Card In Andar Bahar?

Questions like “Is online Andar Bahar same as what I play? Andar Bahar barely requires anything to play — a deck of cards and a flat surface.

If you are playing Andar Bahar online, then usually there will be a minimum wager that can be placed to participate, which can be as low as ₹10. There will also be a maximum amount which can be as high as ₹10,000.

This Andar Bahar game is designed to work on mobile phones in portrait mode, although it can also be enjoyed on your desktop. What’s more, the game offers numerous side bets, such as the suit of the final card and bets on the number of cards dealt until the game ends. As we already mentioned in the how to get started section of this guide, you need first to pick an online casino if you want to play the game online.

Bringing a more real-life casino experience to the table, Live Andar Bahar usually also allows you to converse and interact with the dealer, as well as other players. Popular iterations of the live Andar Bahar game can be with bets ranging between Rs.50 to 1 lakh. With the charm and simplicity of a card game you played as a child, Andar Bahar is a great introduction to the world of online gambling. Dragon Tiger is one of the most popular live casino games you can find today.

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