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After using all of Lottoland’s features, we can confidently say that it is one of the best online lottery sites in India. We highly recommend Indian users looking to play the online lottery to use Lottoland and even try one of their casino or sports betting options.

lottoland india winners

Working in Toronto, Canada as a chef, Balraj was going to use the prize money to make his lifelong dream come true – owning his own business. Travelling the world was also on his to-do list, with Europe and Australia being two of his dream destinations. But the country’s local lotteries are the only ones that have given birth to millionaires. Many Indians have won international lotteries, such as the US Powerball and the Mega Millions, walking away with life-changing amounts. These lotteries are easily accessible online and create Indian lottery winners on a daily basis.

7 6 Crore 1m: Michael Germany

The Dubai Lottery is without a doubt the international lotto that has the most Indian prizewinners. The jackpots and secondary prizes are so much bigger than government lotteries it’s useless to even compare them. The Gibraltar-based business is active in 15 markets, has over 350 employees, and more than 10 million customers worldwide. “I couldn’t believe it when I saw the email saying that I won. My first thoughts were – how could this be possible,” said Partho.

In a rare event, both MegaMillions and Powerball Lotteries exceed Rs. 5000 crore each and the draws occur this Saturday and Sunday morning IST.

  • If he would have matched all five, he would have topped our list with a $351 million win.
  • In this article, we are presenting you with a list of top lucky people from India who have won international lotteries online as well as from physical tickets in a store.
  • He said that he and his wife were going to get a new house and that his three daughters would have their home loans cleared.
  • The Gibraltar-based business is active in 15 markets, has over 350 employees, and more than 10 million customers worldwide.
  • “Lottoland is the best online lottery site for Indians who don’t only want lottery tickets but also like trying their luck on sports betting as well as casino games.
  • When asked what he would do with his money, the Indian man said that he wanted to live a more comfortable life, thus he would use it to improve his living situation, whatever that meant.

Lottoland is a true all-rounder, and that is made evident by their expansive sportsbook! Lottoland covers some of the most popular sports like cricket, football, horse racing, tennis, basketball, etc. The Lottoland Casino has gained quite the popularity in recent times, and that’s majorly owing to the fact that the site comes packed with many fun casino games! Ranging from Roulette to Live Andar Bahar, the Lottoland Casino will definitely be a great way to win some extra cash until the lottery numbers are drawn. So let’s look at some of the Lotto Betting, Casino, and Sports Betting options available on Lottoland and how you can use each one of them to win prizes, both big and small. Due to its many betting and lottery options, the site can also look a bit cluttered. The font can sometimes be too small to read and the various tabs leading into the different sections of the site need more clarity.

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Lottoland is one of the most reputed online lottery sites that have opened its doors to Indian audiences. Lottoland gives its users the opportunity to win big and go home a millionaire! With tickets to multiple international lotteries as well as a casino and sports betting section, Lottoland is the all-rounder online lottery that we all need.

lottoland india winners

Due to the policies of the Google Play Store, it does not list the Lottoland App. While we Indians really love chatting away on mobile phones, our preferred way of getting help is through a good old phone call. Lottoland, however, does not have phone support, and only answers customer queries through email or chat. In August 2018, the humble life of 42-year-old Nandlall Mangal would change forever as he purchased a US Powerball ticket from a convenience store in New York. Lingaraju was more than happy about his win though and so would we have been. He missed the draw himself so he got the results through an e-mail from Lotto24/7 and when he did, he was absolutely shocked. However, once he understood that it was real, he was filled with such a strong sense of happiness and excitement that no words could describe it.

While working abroad for his employer, he led his department’s lottery pool for the the weekly draws. Today, the father of two, can write the most well-researched and entertaining lottery-related content. Spain’s El Gordo, also known as the Spanish Christmas Lottery, takes place every December on the 22nd of the month. It is considered the largest lottery in the world, thanks to the volume of money that is paid out. Thanks to Lottoland, a syndicate of players outside of Spain were able to bet on the results, and walked away with ₹30 crores to share between themselves. LotteryGuru is home to the most detailed guide to the online lottery in India. With in-depth articles, informative guides, and lottery site reviews, we keep you aware of everything you need for a successful online lottery experience.

Lottoland may not buy official lottery tickets for us, but they do allow us to win an amount of equal value by betting on the outcome of the lottery. Therefore, in order to play the online lottery on Lottoland, you must follow the same rules as you would in a normal lottery.

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He plans to take his family back to his homeland and settle in the Apulia region in Southern Italy, where he intends to enjoy a leisurely life managing a rural farm. In fact, we were truly impressed with the scope of the Lottoland sportsbook as it included quite a lot of choices in sports betting. And we have yet to find another lottery site that included all of these additional betting options as well. Indians can buy a US Powerball lottery ticket for as low as ₹300 per ticket. That means you can easily buy more than a handful of tickets and increase your chances of winning at least a non-jackpot amount if nothing else. Lottery betting or playing the Lotto is obviously the biggest attraction of Lottoland, and for good reason.

Tickets can be purchased both online and through ticket retailers at the Abu Dhabi International airport. The second most popular international lottery in India is also originally from the US. Essentially Mega Millions works the same way as Powerball only it is a different brand.

lottoland india winners

In June 2018, Lottoland paid out €90 million to one lucky winner in Germany. Since worldwide lottos are becoming increasingly popular among desi players there have been some very exciting news on international lottery winners from India. As amazing as it may seem, the $7 million prize of Pragnesh Peter Saija – another Indian living in Canada – came just four days after the $12.8 million prize of Balraj Awasthi. Contrary to Balraj and all of our other listed lottery winners from India, Pragnesh didn’t win on an international lottery that’s available online. He won on the Daily Grand by buying a paper ticket at a physical store in Canada.

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22-year old Sandeep was working two jobs to help his family make ends meet and had just gotten dumped by his then-girlfriend when he won his $30.5 million jackpot. Purely a Commercial Arrangement, brands and advertisers pay to be featured and to get this content published. Mathias found out about Lottoland when he was searching for ways to bet on the big American Powerball lottery. That search certainly paid off when he won over a million with his very first bet on that lottery. Mathias lives and works in Germany but would like to invest in a house in Scandinavia, as this was where he spent many happy childhood vacations.

Even though Nandlall wasn’t sure what he would do with all of his money, when he was asked about it, he knew that he wouldn’t quit his job as he likes working – at least not at once. He was also determined to take a trip to Hawaii as he had always wanted to go there. Whatever he chooses to do, one thing is for certain – after this international lottery win, only the sky is the limit for Mr. Mangal. When it comes to international lotteries, most can be played online at any Indian lottery site. They are running a lottery known as Malamaal Daily and as recent as November 2020, the Indian Partho Mondal won an astounding 53 lakh from this. As one of the biggest Lotto24/7 winners in India, Lingaraju had big plans for his prize money. He said that he and his wife were going to get a new house and that his three daughters would have their home loans cleared.

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As mentioned the most rewarding lotteries to win are the worldwide lotto games. NBA fan Dennis from Germany really made a slam dunk with his big win from betting on EuroJackpots in May of 2017.

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