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Start with the initial bet of one chip and after every lose, double your bet. And when you win, go back to the initial wager of one. Now you try the most famous roulette strategy on online free roulette with no risk at all. You’ll be offered announced bets that are mostly used only in French roulette. La Partage and En prison are another two rules, you’ll find in this version of roulette only. So, the rules, betting options, and payouts are all different.

how to play roulette

Every category of gamblers from novice to experts loves to play Roulette. Roulette games are full of entertainment and have always managed to attract several players with its fascinating wheel. It’s a game of chance that pays a huge winning amount. If you’re interested in taking a swing at live roulette, then we highly recommend that you go check out Royal Panda. Right now, you can get a casino bonus of up to 10,000 when you make your first deposit.

Explanation Of Roulette Bets

In online casinos, there are different variants of roulette. Choose the one you are familiar with and start playing.

Each of these numbers are colored in either red or black, with the exception of the number zero which is colored in green. The one thing you need to always remember, is that roulette is a form of entertainment. You should not view online roulette as a potential source of income.

Can You Earn Money By Playing Online Roulette?

You have the roulette wheel, and then you have the roulette table or the betting board. If you want to play live casino roulette in a really authentic and professional online casino, then we recommend that you try out Royal Panda. They have some of the best live roulette tables that you can find in India.

  • You’re gonna want to try out all the different roulette variations in order to see which one is the most entertaining and the most profitable to play on.
  • Therefore, online gambling exists in a sort of grey area.
  • Therefore, bonuses often have much higher wagering requirements on roulette games.
  • There is no difference between these two types and High/Low, but it’s usually our own preference.
  • LeoVegas is a European online casino offering a huge variety of different casino games.

You can also bet on a number of different fields, such as all black fields, all even number fields, and so forth. Or do you want a smaller number of high-quality roulette games? However, there are some established best practices that can truly influence your game for the better. We will now take a look at the tips that can work out for you. After all, why not try your hand at Six Line, Corner or Street, or any other inside bet?

If you have success with this wager, you will double your money. There are many good ones, and each roulette site offers a different and highly unique roulette experience. However, if we had to pick only one site, our favorite would be LeoVegas Casino. They offer lots of different roulette variations and some very convenient deposit methods for Indian players. The key to winning at roulette without relying on luck is to play with an RTP of 100% or more. In the long run, that would earn you more winnings than losses, which would lead to a guaranteed profit.

To place a bet, simply select the number of chips you wish to stake. Any game of roulette allows you to fiddle with your bankroll any which way you like, but make sure you understand the ground rules. Multi Wheel Roulette – This version of the game will allow you to bet on not one but six wheels at the same time. We are going to assume that you are reading this article because you don’t have the slightest clue how to play roulette. Therefore, we will be covering some very basic things about the game, before we move on to the more advanced stuff. Make sure to read this article in full, in order to get all the information you need. You can never affect the RTP of the game, which is why your winnings in roulette will always be the same on a long-term basis.

The first type of wager you can place is whether the ball will fall on a red or a black slot on the roulette wheel. This type of bet disregards what number the ball will land on. The number is not important when you have placed this type of wager. If you wanna get started playing online roulette, then this article is for you.

We have covered everything in this article, you must know before you start the real game. There are many Roulette strategies like Martingale, D’alemberts that can enhance the chances of your winning the game. The numbers are located at different positions in the European and American Roulette wheel. American table has one more slot whereas the French roulette table takes time to understand. There is no limit to betting, a user can place several bets at a time. You will find the best and most professional live dealers on Royal Panda. You can play live roulette with small stakes or big stakes, depending on what you prefer.

Popular Roulette Versions

It’s an even-money bet just like red/black and odd/even. Every online casino site listed here on MyRoulette give you access to several different live roulette tables.

how to play roulette

Then you cross your fingers and hope that luck is on your side. Playing traditional roulette online is something great and effective too as one can play from the comfort of living room. The online version also saves time from visiting land based casinos. More to all these, the website roulette can be played 24/7 at the comfort of your own time. Do share your own views too with fellow readers in the below given comment box. The American version of roulette has 38 slots instead of 37 as in the traditional roulette wheel. The extra addition is 00 slots which work the same ways as single 0 in the European roulette.

Best Selection Of Online Roulette In India

On Royal Panda, you can play a small but very high-quality selection of online roulette games. This is because the house edge is essentially zero in this version. For the same reason, you are gonna have a hard time finding an online casino that actually offers No Zero Roulette.

Though why anyone would play it remains a mystery as it increases the house edge. You do not have to play roulette for fun only in the desktop browser. In this very page, you can easily play roulette on mobile. We manage to get a free version of the adjusted mobile game. Roulette has several variants that one can explore online.

Is It Legal To Play Online Roulette In India?

For instance, all numbers that end on 3, which would be 3, 13, 23 and 33. No matter the number, only straight-up bets are placed.

At the same time, you must be prepared to lose more than you win, though. Now, the wheel sits on one end of a fairly large table with a green felt underground. It is important to know roulette is one of the hardest games in the casino to win. Comparatively, winning handball or rugby is a lot easier. If played on a European wheel, the advantage of the house is just 2.63 percent and in the US it is a mighty 5.26 percent. The biggest advantage of online roulette is that he or she does not need to visit a real casino to enjoy the game.

There is several number of bets that can be placed while playing roulette and this has made the game more popular at online casinos. Here it is important to understand the bets properly to play hopefully. In the inside bets one can break it into various types. Bet can be done over one specific number or group of numbers. In standard term betting on two consecutive numbers is termed as split where as in three numbers is known as street.

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