20 Teen Patti Variations You Need To Know

The dealer will also place three face-up community cards on the table. When you create a hand, you are allowed to replace any of your cards with the community cards on the table. The players must first play three rounds of betting with no player allowed to fold. As a player you are allowed to discard a card and request a new one. You can request a new card is you are playing blind or Chaal. In this variant no one has the option to play blind or Chaal.

In this traditional game, each person puts in a fixed amount of money for the first chance. People win on the basis of a trail, pure sequence, impure sequence, colour, pair or highest card. Teen Patti layers are luck because they always have a new variation to experiment on. Even when they cannot find anything new, players can come up with their own variations.

Teen Patti Variations List

If you’re lucky, you might just get all jokers in one hand and make yourself the highest hand for a shortcut to victory. There are about 35 popular variations, but the total number of games is far more. During Joker Hunt, the dealer gives every player three cards before placing several cards facing upwards on the table.

Think that you have a two and a ten open in front of you. You will guess whether the next card will fall between these two or not.

It’s worth pointing out that you can replace only three cards in each round. Here, the K, Q, J and 10 of any suit are zero and the number cards of the same value printed on them. In this variant of Teen Patti, the pot is divided between the player with the highest hand and the one with the lowest hand. In order to replace a card, you have to put a pre-agreed amount in the pot.

Some variations that sound interesting in words may turn out to be less than you expected. Players get dealt their cards here and we also have three jokers in the middle of the table. Players are dealt their hands and then on top of this, two piles of cards are placed in the centre of the table. These are then bid on by players, the winner of the auction gets the new cards and the total paid gets added to the game pot. This is the same as in-out above with one added feature. On this game, there is a temperature card drawn after players have declared themselves in our out. This card, if A to 6, means the lowest hand wins, if it’s 7 to K, the highest hand wins.

Players with the best 3 faceoff cards hand is the winner. In this variation of Teen Patti, the hand closest to of any suit wins. The virtual wild cards can be used only once in each hand. This card is then used to nominate all other cards with the same rank as bust cards. This card is then used to nominate all other cards of the same rank as wild. Players dealt with this card compulsorily need to pack from the hand.

Pack Jack

From these cards, every player needs to select the two face-down cards and one of the facing up cards for a full hand. When all the players have gone through this process, you can choose the card with the highest value in your pack. A popular choice amongst the many variations, players shuffle the entire pack and distribute it equally amongst all players. There are usually side bets that can be placed as well, such as one of the players receiving a pair or better. When such a side bet is placed, the better the hand, the more you get paid. Playing against a dealer, there is no skill involved, but this is considered to be a luck-based casino game.

Discard One

We have seen variations of the game rise in popularity thanks to online casino gaming, where you can play different types of real cash Teen Patti. When forming a sequence in traditional Teen Patti, you use consecutive cards like J-Q-K.

  • For example, if you have one black card and two red cards, the black will be the joker.
  • The only difference here is that the ranking of the hands is reversed.
  • In this manner, all the players can see each other’s cards except their own.
  • The information on our website has been meticulously researched for educational purpose only.
  • Once all players have received 3 cards, the dealer will also deal 6 cards in the middle of the table as a plus sign.

In Cobra, also known as Maatha, wach player is dealt with only one card. Without seeing their cards, they all pick the cards and place it on their forehead. The players would not be able to see their own cards but can see the other players’ cards. This is another variant where players are dealt six cards each. All players will have to arrange their cards into three separate hands. The first hand will have three cards, the second hand will have two cards and the third hand will have one card.


After the two rounds, all the closed cards are removed and only three open cards will be left on the table to be jokers. If a player opts not to take a card from the selection of open cards, they must close one of the open cards. The number of cards that will go onto the table equals the number of players times two, plus three extra cards.

The information on our website has been meticulously researched for educational purpose only. No user can deposit money at or through CasinoWebsites.in. Steer clear of the adverse effects of gambling and enjoy fair gaming with us. The first card is the one that defines the number which is to be considered as Joker, irrespective of the suit. The game is one of the oldest choices for Indian players, and over generations, players tweaked the rules to make it more exciting.

This is a game that helps you get a little luckier with an extra card in hand. The dealer will distribute 4 cards to each player, from which you get to choose the best 3. So, if you get 2 kings, a queen and a jack, according to the hierarchy, K-Q-J is higher than 2 kings and a queen.

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For instance, if 5 is shown as the joker then 5 of every suit becomes a joker. If your cards are Ace-2-5, you can treat 5 as 3 and your cards become a high sequence of A-2-3. The only difference is here players have only four cards to choose from to make their joker cards. When you have a pair of cards making up your one joker card, you have a bliss joker. The players who have a new hand of cards can also choose to play with an open hand or blind. Once both piles are sold, the game proceeds, and all money used for the bid goes to the main pot. It is, however, essential to remember that open cards on these piles serve as jokers and can have any value.

Once players have received all their cards, they can choose the three best cards to play and must discard the fourth one. As soon as there are no cards remaining in the deck , a showdown between all remaining players will occur.

Wrote: Ranbir Indrajit